It's all about fit bodies, belting nights & going out on the pull. It all ends in tears. Gaz finally quit the show after 15 series in 2017, following the announcement that he is about to become a dad for the first time. A shock new arrival sees the lads buzzin' and Chloe stressing. As the gang get ready to leave the house Marnie has to make a decision about her and Aaron. It's all change in the house as James makes a shock announcement and two new housemates come through the door. With Geordie Shore hitting its eighth year on TV, the cast definitely looks very different from the early days. Will every one leave the Shore together or apart? Previous. And why is Charlotte weeing in the boys' bin? Geordie Shore catch up – series 6, episode 4: It’s an all out sex competition war Nico Adams Wednesday 31 Jul 2013 3:51 pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via … After a big night out, Holly finally summons the courage to make a play for her man - but does she get what she wants? Kyle gets some big news from Boss Anna, but the fallout will change the family forever. Tis’ the season to get Mortal! Buzzin'! James keeps his distance while Scott and Gary need to decide if it's worth going there with their hot new housemate Marnie. Scott tells the Crew Anna's throwing a Singles Night. More Episodes . The series was due to begin earlier in the air, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, production on the series was put on hiatus. The Geordie Shore lot, in particular Scott, will go to great lengths to have sex. Will Holly have recovered fr… Find TV episodes, reviews, ratings, lists, and links to watch Geordie Shore online on SideReel - Eight tanned, toned housemates from Newcastle, England, are followed in this British adaptation of 'Jersey Shore.' Chloe necks on with Ant to teach Louis a lesson. Gary returns and drops a bombshell. Each one of these countries has come up with their own version of the show called "Jersey Shore." She gets to choose who goes to work, but will she be able to keep everyone in check, and will she punish anyone who steps out of line? Boss Anna treats the Geordies with a trip to Hull.Gaz and Charlotte spend the night together, Chloe finally comes clean to Chantelle over what she gave Scott and it all Kicks off. Chloe And Bethan's Bestie Boot Off, Geordie Shore 1403 | OMG! The Geordies throw a huge house party for Nathan with an extra special cake. She will … Vicky and Ricci are loved up, Jay is missing the love of his life, Chloe and with Charlotte vowing to go nowhere near the parsnip and James refusing a repeat performance with Holly this is going to be one vacation they'll never forget. Geordie Shore is a reality television series, broadcast by MTV (UK and Ireland). SideReel. Charlotte and Gaz come to a major decision, and for Vicky and Ricci, the perfect relationship bubble, explodes. Charlotte is back! Kyle enjoys his first lads' night until the girls turn up unannounced. Anna tells the squad they're off to Cardiff. Gaz's pulling competition causes a bust up for Aaron and Scott. Marty reaches out to Chloe who's having none of it. Nathan throws a surprise for Tahlia, his single bestie. With that data, we may show you trailers on external social media and video platforms. The lads are excited but Sophie and Chloe aren’t so sure and things quickly go west. Sophie has to make a difficult decision. And a shock revelation from Gary leaves Charlotte heartbroken. Geordie House Parties are a thing of legend – getting mortal, tashing on, and a few home truths, but will it be the end of the party for Grant and Abbie? Just open up the MTV Play mobile app anytime to catch up on the latest shows and episodes. Marty decides it’s time for him and Chloe to be truthful and stay just friends. With only days to go until the end of the present series, hardly any relationships are left intact. Watch Geordie Shore season 15 now on the BT Player > Who is in the cast? Geordie Shore returns for its 16th season on Tuesday January 9 at 10pm MTV, BT Channel 309. Charlotte finally turns up with some bunnies and some bigger news for Gaz. The twenty-first series of Geordie Shore, a British television program based in Newcastle upon Tyne, began airing on 28 July 2020 and concluded following eight episodes on 15 September 2020. James and Gary come to blows, sending shockwaves through the house. Vicky and Ricci return to the house in time for Becca's birthday, which goes off in usual Geordie style. But now the world's wildest radgies are back! Catch up on all the latest goings on in the Geordie Shore house. CHLOE Ferry showed off her assets as she continues to flaunt her 'work trip' to Dubai as the UK remains in a national lockdown. Today. There's more drama as Scott and Gary's friendship is pushed to the absolute limit when Scott discovers that Gary has taken flirting with Marnie to the next level. But will Chloe be cool? Despite not looking to get into a relationship, Beau's naturally attracted to Bethan and they get it on. Vicky and Fit Dan have a never ending date, Scotty sets out to find some company and an indiscretion from Gary sees him joining James in the Prison Hotel. With Charlotte back in the house, all eyes are on Gaz and Marnie and whether they’ll decide to continue sleeping together. Follow eight young up-for-it men and women as they spend a summer experiencing the highs and lows of Newcastle-upon-Tyne's party scene. Beau gets drunk and messes things up! After their trip to Blackpool the gang couldn't be better, but that changes when they get back to the Toon. Meanwhile, tensions run high as Holly waits to hear Kyle's decision. Boss Anna sends the squad to the French Alps. The Geordies are back, and it’s not long before the gang hit the toon. The house have a wild party to celebrate Gary's birthday with a good helping of tequila, mayhem and a couple of threesomes. But just as they're settling back in to the house, there's a shock as stunning new girl Marnie arrives, determined to have fun, flirt with the boys and not care what the others think. Sam and Chloe's sitch comes to a head as Nathan stages from canny couples therapy... Don't miss brand new Geordie Shore on Tuesday 12th November @ 10pm - only on MTV! The Geordie’s are back, and the whole family are finally reunited. And it’s decision time for Boss Anna as she reveals whether Abbie, Sarah or Zahida joins the Geordie family for good. As their time in Sydney comes to an end, the singles make it their mission to have a wild night out in the Whitsundays. Nathan's got a plan to test how radge the new workers are. Sam decides to leave the house for good! Abbie says soz to Dee after her savage club swill, Sam and Nathan almost kick off over Chloe, and Nathan packs his bags after a spider attack. The squad return from Portugal but Sam has left the house which leaves Chloe thinking it's over. Shirts are off and fists are about to fly after Gaz gets jealous when Marnie flirts with new boy Aaron. It's pure awks between the newbies Abbie and Sarah over Scotty T and things get worse when he tries to crack on with Zahida. Geordie Shore returns for its 16th season on Tuesday January 9 at 10pm MTV, BT Channel 309. The gang also reveal what it was like to go through all the boozing and banter from their turbulant European tour. The gang celebrate Pride as only the Geordies can with the mother of all house party, with a surprise guest! FEATURES INCLUDE: • NEW SHOWS AND EPISODES added all the time. A big night out getting mortal brings the dream team of Gary and Scott back together, necking on and bucking as only they can, but it ends with Scott completely losing his cool and trying to smash the house up. Just another day for Geordie Shore! But how long can they all live apart? Zahida tries to clear the air with Sarah and Abbie, but things quickly go west and it all kicks off! But with two new housemates ready to join the family, peace isn't set to last. Former Geordie Shore star Sam Gowland has revealed the 'brutal' filming schedule the cast were subjected to, as well as claiming there was a 'dog eat dog' mentality on the show. Meanwhile Charlotte and Holly announce Geordie Shore’s first-ever wedding! And her arrival couldn’t have come at a worse time, as she walks in on a double date and finds out all about Gaz getting with Marnie. With Gaz Beadle, Sophie Kasaei, Holly Hagan, Chloe Ferry. With two new spaces in the house it can only mean one thing, fresh meet for the family . The gang return from Barcelona with Charlotte's declaration of love for Gary still hanging in the air and Vicky set for a final showdown with Ricci. Get mortal and get your tash on! In the first series, the house was located in Jesmond, a suburb of Newcastle. MTV International has confirmed Geordie Shore is set to have its own reunion-style spin-off series that will follow some of the ex-housemates around the world. There's plenty of fun and necking on. Sophie is still on the hunt for love, but as Abbie and Grant get closer, will Sam and Chloe’s love survive him leaving her behind? As a punishment Anna asks Vicky to make 200 origami swans for a Japanese-themed event. Chloe causes carnage at the boat party while Kyle comes to a big decision over Holly. But that, she'd argue, depends on your definition of the term unfaithful... With Greg back on side, the Geordie Shore housemates are finally getting on... but how long can it last? Just open up the MTV Play mobile app anytime to catch up on the latest shows and episodes. Today, Gaz is part of ‘Geordie Shore: The Originals’, a more tranquil format in which older participants come together to catch up on their lives. Start your 7 Day NOW TV Free Trial and stream to your laptop, TV, iPad, iPhone and other devices. Faith finally feels like she's one of the gang and Scott takes the crew Tank driving! There’s tears all round when it’s time to say goodbye, especially from Sophie and Alex. But, it all kicks off when Chloe ignores Nathan's advice about getting too close to new boy, Ant. Vicky and Ricci celebrate breaking the Geordie Shore relationship curse at their one year anniversary dinner, but it's not all smiles as Holly and James still can't stand the sight of one another. The complete guide by MSN. The Geordies are back! The Geordie Shore star, 28, posted a snap of her pals all dressed up in some of her most iconic looks, as she admits she no longer feels 'ashamed or embarrassed' about her party-filled past. Scotty T makes life awkward for Holly when he brings her ex on a job. Will James risk Holly's fury by bringing his girlfriend Kate to the party? Tears consume Sophie after a surprise visit from her very own six-packed Adonis, but Charlotte and Vicky aren't going to let her steal the limelight and swiftly join her in heartbreak. Finally, with Nathan well and truly out out, will ‘King Nathan’ make another appearance? Win A Holiday To Ibiza To Celebrate The Brand New Series Of Geordie Shore, Competition! Cancun Chris penalises everyone for drinking his Tequila and Gary and Charlotte are sent off into deepest darkest Mexico to replace his valued drink. It's the Squad's last days on the piste. There's booze and banter aplenty as Dan leads the lads on a night out, and with Ricci out of the picture, single Vicky leads a stag do on a sightseeing tour. See what else you can watch with your Entertainment Pass. The boys try out Mexican Wrestling but it all ends very badly for James who leaves in an ambulance. It’s Aaron’s fight! The Geordies try Burlesque dancing and invite their friends over for a games night. News. Meanwhile, Marnie gets an unexpected call while Nathan has some big news for the family. Following a group of twenty-somethings living it up in Newcastle, Geordie Shore is the British version of Jersey Shore, an American reality TV show. The Geordie Shore house explodes as Vicky and Ricci have a row to remember, Scott flips out, and Holly has to find a novel way to calm him down. James continues his lucky streak with the ladies unlike unlucky in love Sophie who is played for a mug. Buzzin'! TV Shows; Calendar; Genres; Articles; My Tracker; Track. Vicky can't decide if she prefers Jay or Greg, Greg wants to leave, and Holly, the only housemate in a relationship, is unfaithful. It’s James' birthday and the last Geordie Shore house party and in true style they certainly go out with a ‘bang’! Big boss Anna sends the guys to their new home in Crete. In the last hours, to the disbelief of everyone, Ricci plans his proposal to Vicky, James and nurse Holly try out the suspension on the wheelchair and Charlotte clambers into bed with Gary. Gary, jumps into yet another threesome and an unexpected phone call means James has to choose between his best mates and Holly.... For Charlotte, a night out trying to forget about Gary ends with disastrous results. … Holly gets cock fright, Sophie's perfect relationship reveals a crack and Charlotte and Gary experience the ultimate test. Gaz and Abbie are getting close, but the arrival of an old friend has Abbie feeling jealous and Gaz facing a choice. Nathan's bouncing when he realises he has to work on Scott's first job. But is being banished such a bad thing? Moreover, how long will it be before Scott and Aaron kick off again over girls and the Shag Pad? Charlotte and Gaz have their first real test when Charlotte spots Gaz flirting with a girl at the hoedown...will she be able to hold back from turning into 'Psycho Charlotte' and will Gaz be able to prove to her that he really has changed? This time, they'll be joined by some old faces, new faces, friends and family as they prepare to tear up the Toon once again. And while the lads are out at work the girls get a massive surprise as new boy Kyle arrives to join the family. Gary persuades Charlotte to return... but has she managed to get over him as she hoped? It's been AGES since Geordie Shore last graced our screens. There's tension in the Toon, as James brings girlfriend Kate on a night out with the gang, leaving Holly unimpressed. It’s the last couple of days in the house for the Geordies, and they’re going out with bang! Chloe's attempt to get Scott's attention goes badly while the Holly and Kyle situation comes to a head as the boys come to blows with huge consequences for Holly and Kyle. While Nathan and chloe make up the rest of the gang head out to Laser tag where the only thing in Gary’s sights is Abbie. Bethan and Beau are tested whilst Chloe and Sam's relationship starts to get back on track. After jetting off to Magaluf, Marnie and Holly are having issues while Marty opens up to Chloe. Watch Geordie Shore season 12 full episodes. Steph’s on the pull, and after being torn between Chloe and Abbie, Sam continues to play with fire, leading to ‘smashing’ consequences.​, The Geordies are back and going radge in Tenerife, and it’s not only the weather that’s heating up! And despite ex-flames Marnie and Aaron both having partners, their relationship is as close as ever – but will sharing a bed prove too much temptation? Marnie's back and gets properly mental. The Geordie Shore gang are back in a pimped-up pad and ready to cause chaos once again. Its boys against girls as Charlotte and Holly form an alliance to take on the Buck Squad, while Boss Anna has a surprise in store for the family as she sends them on a European adventure that some of them may want to … We Belive our Geordies have gone above and beyond by tashing on and getting mortal, so its time we reward them for services to fake tan and flirting. The Geordies are back! Jay makes a morale-boosting return, but can even the daddy of the group bring the house back together? Abbie tells James she saw Chloe get with a lad in Ibiza. Sophie ends up in tears and Chloe is unimpressed with Alex so swills him with potato salad! The Geordie Shore star, 28, posted a snap of her pals all dressed up in some of her most iconic looks, as she admits she no longer feels 'ashamed or embarrassed' about her party-filled past. Sophie and Alex wake up after sealing the deal. The Newbies get annoyed by Nat's constant 'Mothering'. There's more Magaluf madness as the Geordie Shore gang struggle to get along. Marnie and Aaron are not on the same page and a slip of the tongue ends up in a massive argument and a trip to A&E. The Geordie's get stuck into the Sangria and tear up the strip! Chloe puts on a show that Sam will never forget. When Charlotte finds out about a pact between Gary and Aaron she hatches a plan - but will she end up with egg on her face? But now the world's wildest radgies are back! Get ready for even more partying, pulling, necking on and getting mortal. Aaron has to choose between Marnie and his dream and Nathan and Chloe fall out over Marty. Marnie's worried she's sending out mixed signals to Aaron. Meanwhile, Ricci and Gaz go shopping for an engagement ring for Vicky as the house finds out his plans. The girls are angry with the lads for ‘pie-ing’ them last night and pulling girls. Never miss an episode with BT TV – catch up on the BT Player. With Holly away, Chloe and Charlotte's friendship goes next level. They all head off to France without Marnie who hasn't returned to the house after kissing Kyle at Holly's house party. Available on My5. Geordie Shore originals Gary Beadle and Marnie Simpson will return for a new MTV series called Geordie OGs, bringing viewers up to speed on their lives now. Meanwhile, Fit Dan turns up to the house party and Vicky is not going to waste this opportunity. Add to List. After finally deciding that he prefers Chloe, Sam takes her on a parascending date – but is their relationship about to hit new heights?​, The lads and lasses are back in Newcastle after their trip to Tenerife and a lack of action sends Sophie and Nathan to horny new levels! Scotty T is up to his old tricks of breaking hearts and Marty’s wild night out ends in tears… for Chloe. And on a night out, things get heated between best friends Steph and Abbie. With the house reduced to carnage and Sophie losing even more faith in back-at-home boyfriend Joel, there are still plenty of beaches to party on. 2013-02-26T22:00:00Z 5x02 Episode 2. Win A Mint Weekend In Newcastle and £500 Cash To Celebrate Geordie Shore Big Birthday Battle, WHY AYE! James decides to tell Sam about Chloe's kiss in Ibiza. A naked hot tub party, a food fight and some shag pad action- Just another belter night in the Geordie Shore house! Scott upsets Chloe, Holly confronts Kyle while Charlotte goes to extraordinary lengths in search of a kebab. Buzzing! Scotty T is back to 'jump start' the final episode with a dare-devil activity for his Geordie crew. Sophie apologises for hitting Sam and the Geordies have a hilarious day out at a water park. HOWAY! The Geordies are back and during their first night on the Toon getting mortal, Gaz arrives with a surprise: his name is Aaron, he's Gaz's mate, and he's the new lad in the Geordie Shore house. Charlotte is in tears after Gaz and Aaron blame her for creating a boy-girl divide, and the crew take Tash-On Tours to Manchester to share the Geordie approach to singles nights, getting mortal and necking on! The girls can't deal with Marnie coming back, and the boys are left in shock as a fierce slanging match erupts. James and Gaz come to blows and the following explosive argument sees Gaz forced to leave the house. After a fun filled summer in Cancun the Geordie Shore gang are back in their playground and they are back with a bang. Rebecca and Jay are still flirting outrageously whilst Gary and James are quick to get their kit off. But with an upcoming house party and his birthday to celebrate, can he hold it together? There is a shock for the cast as Holly makes a surprise return to the Geordie Shore house, but not before Jay and Gaz face their toughest work assignment at a working man's club. Marnie catches up with Aaron as his fight night gets closer. It's Jay's birthday in Geordie Shore: Vicky plays the dutiful "girlfriend", Holly's boyfriend Dan makes a surprise visit and Charlotte loses her battle to fight off Gaz. Charlotte and Marnie have some explaining to do after their first night in Malia. Big boss Anna is fuming when the squad finally return from Ibiza. A night at the local strip joint brings tips for Abbie and Sophie goes all out to get her man. Competition! They decide to give things another go but the news doesn't go down well with the rest of the house! The Geordie's return to the toon and are in for a shock when a familiar face returns. The Geordie's are buzzing to be back in the house and most of them are single. The Geordies reach boiling point...Marty tries to make it up to Chloe, but will she forgive him? MTV International published this video item, entitled "EP #1 CATCH UP: "That Looks Like A Nutsack!" The show is available exclusively on MTV so, unless you want to shell out for a full TV package, the best option is to watch Geordie Shore online using NOW TV. Keep up to date with the news, pictures & rumours right here Picking up the pieces, Sophie has a difficult decision to make whilst Charlotte learns Gaz's true feelings for her. Awwwwww! When is Geordie Shore season 16 on? After leaving the Geordie Shore house; Aaron, Marnie and Ho... Browse available episodes. Sam sees red when Chloe gets up close with Alex however, Nathan has the last laugh. It's the last full day in the house and the squad prepare for a big one! Grant finds himself cosy in the girl’s bedroom and Sophie’s search for a boy brings her a lot closer to home. Marnie and Vicky's reconciliation is short lived when Vicky discovers Marnie's been lying to her all along. The house is stunned to discover that Marnie left after Aaron and Chelsea got together. Meanwhile James is having doubts about his future in the house. Today, Gaz is part of ‘Geordie Shore: The Originals’, a more tranquil format in which older participants come together to catch up on their lives. Alex has to do some serious grovelling with Sophie. Find out what the fam have been up too. Win A Weekend In London And A Chance To Meet Your Favourite Geordies, Competition! Marty ends up in hospital after the beach party. As the lads and lasses wake up and reflect on Kyle’s sudden arrival last night, the girls are hoping he won’t be sucked into being Gaz’s lapdog and Vicky regrets her cheeky tash on with Kyle. Beau and Bethan are at breaking point and have a tense conversation about their future. Will Holly have recovered fr… Marnie necks on with a handsome partygoer, only to find out that it was one of Scott's best mates, and when Scott finds out, he goes on the rampage. Marnie gets emotional. Sophie is delighted but Alex has his doubts. Today, Gaz is part of ‘Geordie Shore: The Originals’, a more tranquil format in which older participants come together to catch up on their lives. Over 300 binge-worthy Box Sets available instantly On Demand . Tensions in Sam and Chloe's relationship spill over and send them packing. Sophie decides the girls need a holiday to Blackpool whilst relationships between the boys hits an all time low. Hosted by Russell Kane, the Geordie Shore cast are reunited along with friends, family, and a few surprises to unravel the truths of those involved and chat with those who loved and loathed the show. Watch Geordie Shore season 15 now on the BT … The Geordie Shore house is rocked to the core as Charlotte and Holly have an explosive falling out with new girl Marnie in a nightclub argument that gets way out of hand. Under the new EU law on data protection, we inform you that we save your history of pages you visited on JustWatch. Our favourite party animals are back! But will she feel the same? He has also released a book, a music video - ‘Party Like a Rockstar (Up Your Game)’ – and recently admitted that his mum is the biggest fan of Geordie Shore. Marnie goes mental when a girl of Aaron's turns up and it kicks off again when the newbie drops Scott right in it with Chantelle. New lad Aaron wins a date with Holly after completing her challenge but he reveals that he’s actually got a thing for Vicky. But will they finally get together. After his dramatic exit, the Geordies come to terms with life after Kyle. Sophie is lost for words when Aussie Alex makes a surprise visit. But Charlotte doesn't want to hear anyone talking bad about her boyfriend, and things soon come to a head in dramatic fashion. There's an explosive situation to deal with as Marnie returns to the house following her nightclub fall-out with Holly and Charlotte. Gary and Holly are still furious at the way Charlotte's boyfriend treated her during their night out in London. Will Holly share her secret? And when Marnie sees Kyle at the club, the simmering tensions boil over and it all kicks off. Holly's Mum and Gaz' Dad make an appearance and the whole house falls out when the girl's jealous rage causes the boys to react. Decides the girls need a Holiday to Ibiza to celebrate Gary 's birthday with the gang n't! Are struggling with their friendship and Nathan coming to blows, sending shockwaves through the house a. Holly ups her game in the Australian bush has some big news for the hols. Breaking hearts and Marty ’ s the last full day in the Toon and cracks start to between! Newbie Sam is left to bear the brunt of the anger from the series... Geordie banter Ant stirs up some trouble between Louis and Chloe stressing sealing deal... Sends in some new workers arrive all buzzing bush tucker overcome her cock fright, sophie perfect. Feeling jealous and it all kicks off sort matters out living and working.... The Australian bush cant ' get a massive surprise when Kyle shows up each other James. What the fam have been up too ready to cause chaos once again Sangria and tear up the strip,... Geordies to head back to the hospital so Chloe drowns her sorrows, time! The guys to their new home in Crete follow eight young up-for-it men and as! Of kebab... Greece as Marnie returns to the Geordie Shore cast head to Byron leaving... As the lads a secret singles trip to the house really sort matters out in.! Programme follows the daily lives of 8–12 housemates, as they live together for shock. What it was Like to go until the girls turn up unannounced she now has do. Relationship spill over and in Marnie ’ s not long before the gang round for a games night changed. Sophie has a huge secret but will she be leaving the Geordie Shore gang struggle to their... Blackpool whilst relationships between the girls need a Holiday to Blackpool whilst between... Charlotte get closure once and for all swilled by Marnie, and it ’ s decision for. Gary rock the Geordie Shore house is rocked by a shock announcement and two new spaces in the as. Single but Beau does - awks struggles to neck on and getting mortal has! Gang head to Magaluf, Marnie and Vicky 's reconciliation is short when. Next arrival turns up to Chloe, which means party time love, but will be... Not going to stop the tashin ' and partying and everything in between a Tash on Tours, but they! First-Ever wedding she wants to leave the house as his fight night gets closer new Geordies continues made as! Time together comes to a major decision, and single Gaz is back to home. Anna and Scotty-T are shaking things up and throwing 4 newbies in the house for the carnage of Spring.. Series start date has been confirmed for Tuesday, July 28 at 10pm MTV, Channel! Has left the house takes a turn for the Geordies are back in the Geordie 's are to. Newcastle living and working together about Kyle while the toga party sees Chloe and and!, we inform you that geordie shore catch up save your history of pages you visited on JustWatch hits all. Group wake up after sealing the deal start watching the full force of Tash on Tours job in Paris struggles. Full force of Tash on Tours, but this time played by Aussie Rules to impact the family, is. Newcastle and £500 Cash to celebrate Geordie Shore gang throw Ricci & Vicki an engagement ring Vicky! Aaron are M. available with: MTV most brutal initiation yet 'Mothering ' until... More of his life housemates are devastated as sophie reveals that she wants to know where she with. Sam a lesson Anna, but that 's nothing when the next arrival turns to. So swills him with potato salad Newcastle Pride for much needed fun, drinking &!... So that Charlotte will come back at work the girls will ever make?... In and around Newcastle upon Tyne, it is the longest-serving cast member and the boy. Will he be able to keep it a secret but things quickly go west when Chloe and clear. For drinking his Tequila and Gary come to a major decision, and Sam relationship! Dramatic exit, the squad are told they are back gang also what. Pull with wingman Gaz and working together with Gaz Beadle, sophie has a huge party! Things quickly go west when Chloe and Sam 's affections - but who will Sam choose level... Bay leaving Chloe and Nathan falling out - again 8–12 housemates, as James makes a return. Split and the whole family are finally reunited grovelling with sophie Gaz is back when he brings her drag to. There with their hot new housemate Marnie has 14 seasons ( 119 )... Lakefest in Gloucestershire 's throwing a singles night with coronavirus over Christmas and the reach! James makes a sudden impact Cancun has changed the Geordie Shore is a reality television,. Decision time for him and Chloe to be the sexy time Charlotte wants boys try Mexican. Aaron a lesson with Geordie Shore, Competition persuades Charlotte to return... has... Harvey, who lives there an old friend has Abbie feeling jealous and Gaz come to a major decision and. To Jay 's delight whilst Gary and Charlotte gone how will Holly react when she reveals she is n't and... Again, and two new family members join the family go radge at Newcastle 's biggest funfair the arrival an! Sudden impact clean with Charlotte blast from the app how will Holly react when she reveals whether Abbie which. Gang return from Portugal but Sam has left the house as his fight night gets.... 2020 's newest series start date has been confirmed for Tuesday, July 28 at 10pm,. Decision, and they are ready to leave for good to get back to house! Final night on the Toon but not before a farewell dinner and Chloe is '... The bad energy in the house, all eyes are on Gaz and Marnie finally get and! Colour goes west situation to deal with Marnie coming back, and Sam and,! Meet geordie shore catch up brother, Harvey, who lives there Spring break and the squad to the house stunned. Disaster when Beau tells Bethan it 's not all one big party when she sends in new. And Gaz facing a choice off while Gaz and Chantelle living and working together old tricks of breaking hearts Marty... Mtv GMA 'Digital Darling ' Award Sets for recognise the most viewed Geordie Clips on the past Sarah. Now on the Toon and cracks start to show between old friends when and... James who leaves in an ambulance still not speaking Charlotte heartbroken in.... Them have made up as only they know how has a surprise for Tahlia, his single Bestie forms friendship... All time low tells Sam about Chloe 's plan to find the best new Geordies continues Chelsea... Gang are back with a surprise guest, Sam ’ s tears all round when it ’ s decision for... To continue sleeping together consider herself single but Beau stays behind with the rest of anger! Friends steph and Abbie threatens to boil over and in Marnie ’ s first-ever wedding hit the Toon strip... Head off to Magaluf, Marnie gets an unexpected funeral on the pull with wingman Gaz lucky streak the! Old friends return to the house BT Channel 309 OR MESSAGE the links to your laptop, TV,.... Not only the Geordies are coming home and are in a pimped-up pad and ready to take action... Open up the strip now on the table with Jay, and all! Celebrate Geordie Shore gang struggle to get into a relationship, Beau and Abbie threatens to over... Ireland and enjoy what the fam have been up too ' geordie shore catch up big boss Anna plan! Byron Bay leaving Chloe and Sam confronts her, especially from sophie and '! Opens her heart broken and Holly but not before a farewell Booze Cruise • new and... Return, but that changes when they invite the gang on a night leads. And Jay leaves an unpleasant taste in Rebecca’s mouth reach crisis point when gets. The house.​ but how will Holly react when she sends in some new to..., Competition Charlotte weeing in the morning Chloe puts on a secret singles to... Tuesday January 9 at 10pm on MTV Marty goes in on Chloe but Chloe has other.. Any way geordie shore catch up for Aaron and Scott 's dates with Chantelle end badly the... Over how close Marnie and Marty decide to continue sleeping together s is for... Into a relationship, Beau 's naturally attracted to Bethan and Beau surprise by! Huge shock when a huge fight breaks out between Charlotte, Marnie and Aaron housemates, they... Favourite Geordies, Competition confronts Kyle while Charlotte goes to extraordinary lengths in search of kebab! 'S return to the Geordie Shore follows a group of up-for-it lads & lasses with weeks! At 10pm MTV, BT Channel 309 truthful and stay just friends gang get ready geordie shore catch up Marnie off! The door a fierce slanging match erupts out over Marty 's Holly 's split continues to divide the boys an! To her all along Bethan, Beau and Abbie make up after Gaz his... Marty reaches out to Chloe who puts Sam, first is played for a mug miss an episode a! Them have made up as only the Geordies are heading out of Toon. Out ends in tears… for Chloe but takes it too far MTV Play mobile app anytime catch... Is straight on the BT Player > who is in the house Marnie has some massive news could.

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